Đo Quyen hotel is a hotel reach standard equivalent to 3 stars, located in the center of DaLat city : Address: 03 Le Thi Hong Gam, ward 1, Dalat City.

With architectural elegance , senior facilities, decorate harmony. Campus of hotel is nearly 1400 m2 with a full range of flowers blooming. You will feel the natural flavor of the moment and happy with the quiet space of hotel,your holiday will really relax and meaningful.

Annually, we are upgrade and improve our hotels and restaurants, strive constantly towards perfection in service quality and satisfaction of you .

Hotel staffs is young and professional training, surely make you happy with the perfectly service, caring customers with all our’s heart.

when choosing the service of the hotel, that is you have placed our trust . We look forward to the cooperation and support of you to help our hotel more and more perfectly.

‘bringing to you the best service’ is our commitment.
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